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About me.

imagem de carol espilotro
imagem de carol espilotro
imagem de carol espilotro

Born in 1995, in São Paulo/SP, she has been around São Paulo for 26 years. She's already been placed in Slytherin, she's Daughter of Hades, she's a Wicca with the sun in Taurus, but she's nothing from Venus. In the morning and afternoon, she is a designer at night she wears the mantle of an illustrator.

She has worked in an advertising agency, in a game publisher, as a freelancer in a game developer, already takes care of UX/UI in a financial institution, and returned to games like Visual and UI Designer while making art and of course, escapes the world playing, seeing some movies, reading in a totally immersive way and now, from time to time, he is showing his face at events, exposing and selling her art.

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Closed for illustration orders, except book covers;

Open for other services - vacancies for the 2nd semester.

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Portraits & Character Design, Custom Portraits, Book Cover Illustration & Indoor Artwork. For examples, see my portfolio of illustrations, and more complex artwork, please get in touch.

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Revitalization and/or creation of the entire look&feel of your website, be it a hotsite, landing page, your portfolio or any type of website & apps & games. Remembering, here it's just the design, for programming, look for a front/back-end.

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Digital & graphic design, which includes the creation of identity for marketing campaigns, social media, brand visual identity, stationery and other prints.

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Anyone who has been with me for a while, knows that I used to write a lot for blogs talking about games, books and movies, and currently I write a little about design&art and organization on instagram. I decided to put all this together in a monthly newsletter , due to requests from several friends.

Come join this Espilotríssimo group!

Thank you for your registration!
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Do you want to ask questions, make a budget or send a proposal/opportunity? Just fill out the form in your right and I'll answer you soon :)

Thanks for sending!
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